NEW CONSTRUCTION on a private cut-de-sac street

Fair Haven


Seaside Heights

Elegant centerhall colonial nestled on top of private cul-de-sac.


Magnificent waterfront home with panoramic river view.


Luxury lifestyle is yours.


Magnificent Colonial on quiet cul-de-sec.

Fair Haven

Immaculate Nantucket Country Manor Colonial.

Atlantic Highlands

***Weekly Summer Rental*** Directly across from beach & beach access.

Seaside Heights

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  • 732-747-0700

Interview 2/10/15

Interview between Vincent Picciotto, Broker/Owner of Hubbard Park Real Estate & Franklin American Mortgage Co.

What is the most important advice you give to new agents?
A new agent must set up a financial budget on how they will invest in their business. A detailed
plan of action is critical to their success.
Why do seasoned agents fail?
Seasoned agents fail because they do not change with the times. They keep hoping for the old
markets to emerge and they never do. Experienced agents that fail fight change rather than
embrace it.
What is a top agent’s most important attribute?
An attitude that they believe they will win. Top agents go into selling situations with an attitude of
success. They do not worry about all the objections a consumer will ask, but focus with
confidence on the solutions. A winning attitude is always the difference between good and great
What is your view of technology in the real estate space?
There are some amazing tools out there. While we embrace them as a Company I caution
agents that are dependent on them. This is a relationship business and I do not think there is
any technology tool that can replace the agent from making that happen.
How do you rebound from disappointment?
I keep reminding myself how lucky I am and what a great business we are in. Disappointment is
part of sales and there is no way to have one without the other. Each time I am disappointed I
know that something positive is around the corner.
What is your outlook on the 2015 market?
I do not think this year is going to be much different than 2014. However, the method in which
an agent gets business will be very different. The dominance of the listing agent will continue
and without a total focus on obtaining listing inventory one could be in big trouble.
Vincent J Picciotto, Broker Owner
Hubbard Park Real Estate